Girls' day special ひな祭りスペシャル

8 kinds of Japanese traditional sweets.
Herbal Daifuku mochi (stuffed with red beans), Strawberry Daifuku mochi (stuffed with white bean paste and strawberry), Kuzu starch mochi (stuffed with red bean smooth paste), Umegae Mochi (slightly baked mochi stuffed with read bean) (from left top)

Daifuku mochi, Ohagi (Red bean stuffed with sticky rice), Kinako ohagi (sticky rice covered with soybean powder), Sakura Mochi (Sticky rice covered with a salted Sakura leaf) (from left bottom)

These sweets are not used butter and eggs. It may be good for vegetarians, too.


左上から、ヨモギ餅, イチゴ大福, 葛餅, 梅が枝餅,大福餅, おはぎ, 黄な粉おはぎ, 桜餅

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