In Japan, it is usual to have one’s own pair of HASHI (chopsticks) at home and to use the same one everyday. Recently it has become very popular to carry one’s own hashi for use at the restaurant or at the office, instead of using disposable chopsticks. We call them ‘My HASHI.’ This idea comes from ecology and is designed to present waste and save trees, even though disposable chopsticks are also recycled in Japan.

Café Japan is also sending a lot of chopsticks everyday to the customers. From the trend to have one’s portable chopsticks, we’ve come up with the idea of making original HASHI (chopsticks) for the regular customers and giving them to you. When you place a food order, we will deliver HASHI according to your order instead of disposable chopsticks. Afterwards we will not send disposable chopsticks except on special request.

We ordered the original HASHI (chopsticks) from a shop in Wajima city, Japan, which is famous for lacquered crafts and tableware. They have written on them “Café Japan” in Japanese characters and in gold ink. We have 10 colours with WABI SABI taste. Black, Red Brown, Dark Blue, Red, Light Blue, Salmon Pink, Brilliant Green, Moss Green, Green Yellow, Orange red. Japanese Chopsticks have sharper points than Chinese and Korean style chopsticks and you can enjoy the difference. This shop’s chopsticks have a rough surface on the point to prevent them from slipping.

Though we have started it since December 2007, it has been over in early January faster than our expectation. We are delighted that a lot of customers requested our original chopsticks and finished immediately.
Thank you again for the all customers who cooperate not to use the disposable chopsticks.

Since we have still a lot of requests for the chopsticks, we have ordered another stock of chopsticks to the shop in Wajima city, Japan, which is famous for the lacquered crafts and tableware. We will inform you when it has arrived here!



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