a meal for us 今日のまかない飯

Hi, how are you? It is the last day of July today. Time flies!
This is a meal for us. We made sandwiches and had Sri Lankan tea with.
Tomato sandwiches and egg sandwiches. How beautiful tomato's colour is!
Sometimes we crave other food than Japanese food!



OKARA soybean おから 卯の花

Hi, how are you everyone? I'm sorry I have not updated the blog for a long time! We are still alive and open the restaurant everyday except on Tuesdays!

In Japan, we are tending to avoid to waste foods as much as possible as our resources and land are limited and we have winter season when we can not cultivate much.
And old lessons has been teaching us to keep being simple and respect natures.
Now modern people has never imagine though our ancestors had a difficult time when we had to think eating everyday.
Okara is one of symbol of the lesson. Okara is made from soybeans when Tofu - soybean curds are made. Okara is the rest of food which soy milk is squeezed. Normally, people may not eat and throw away but we eat it in Japan. It comes from the lesson but Buddhist' vegetarian food as well.
There are many varieties of Okara menu but today we made Okara and vegetable with vinegar dressing. It is one of my favorite and healthy and tasty food. Sometimes I add some vinegar fish when I drink with it.
By the way, Okara has another name U no Hana - Rabbit Flower as Okara is white and scattered like little white flowers.